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The Xpult made its first public appearance at the science fair of the PennWynne elementary school in Wynnewood, PA. In the midst of a dozen hands-on experiments common for such events, the Xpult emerged as the key attraction of the fair (measured by the number of children waiting in line to experiment with it).
Can you make shots like these?

Here are some tough puzzles. Use an XPULT catapult for a science project to answer them:

  • Should a ball be tossed with a high arc or a shallow arc to have a better chance of making a basket? Would the use of a "backboard" change the answer?

  • Does a lighter ball go farther than a heavier ball?

  • Which type of ball can be launched further with an XPULT, a perforated ball or a table tennis ball?

  • Can you accurately simulate the trajectory of a ball using Excel (advanced topic for high-school physics students)?

Some supporting materials, mostly for higher education are on the teaching materials page. If you are doing a science project, you'll probably want to try out the exercise in the basic instructions.

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