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Contact Us

The vast majority of questions we get are answered in our FAQ.

The very best way to reach us is by email. You should get a response within 12 hours, and usually much more quickly. Make sure that "xpult" appears somewhere in the subject line of your email, which ensures your message will get through any spam filters along the way.


We'd love to hear from you in general, especially if you have photos or video of your work with the XPULT. Send us a note at info@xpult.com.

For inquries related to orders: orders@xpult.com

For inquiries related to retail accounts and other business development: bizdev@xpult.com

For inquiries related to warranty or service issues: service@xpult.com


Xootr LLC
1 Maxson Drive
Suite 4
Old Forge, PA 18518


Toll free in the US: 800-816-2724
International: +1-570-471-7984